70 N 8th. St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
70 N 8th. St. Brooklyn, NY 11249
Verona Tower
Verona, Italy

A concept design for a 24-story commercial office tower located in the new central business district of Verona, Italy, just minutes from the beautiful historic district. The tower's design will strive for a high LEED rating, inclusive of new mechanical system technology, solar cells applied to louvres on the southern facade, high performance curtain wall system, and many other green technology features. The position of the building would provide an ideal passive-solar orientation, facing north and south. The base of the Verona Tower will be characterized by sculpted landscape and amphitheaters that rise into the second floor, where a dramatic 5-story tall contemporary rendition of an Italian piazza would be located. It will be exclusive to pedestrians, a place where one can enjoy refreshments served from the restaurant or bar on that level. Green pathways on either side of the building will be constructed using sustainable materials.

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