70 N 8th. St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
70 N 8th. St. Brooklyn, NY 11249
Midtown Project
Manhattan, New York

A new green facade visually connected with the High Line denotes our new condominium project in Midtown, which consists of 10 story and 9 high-end residential units.

The use of the exterior materials, from the brick to the organic facade, have specific functions that define the building in its entirety.

The brick emphasize the residential scale of the building and gives the solidity of a classic material, while the green soften the rigidity of the brick and as natural elements brings life to the lot line wall. Free form metal projections emphasize the organic aspect of project's design. The horizontal landscaped surfaces are an extension of the facade materials where intimate spaces are created through different materials, levels and volumes.

Executive Architect: Jeffrey Cole Architects

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