70 N 8th. St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249
70 N 8th. St. Brooklyn, NY 11249
Angelo Drive
Beverly Hills, California

Inspired by the work of John Lautner, one of the most admired masters of California’s architecture, Angelo drive has been imagined as a modern sanctuary. Lautner utilized a continuous body of water in the perimeter of the Arango residence in Acapulco, the house he designed in 1973.

In Angelo Drive we expanded this concept, incorporating within the curved geometry of the house a long infinity-edge swimming pool, allowing for views unobstructed by unsightly rails or parapets.

The curved shape of the house is offering privacy to the different areas composing the structure, since the forced perspective will be always hiding the view of the house in its full shape.

The eye of the guest will be always driven to the views and to the water of the infinity pool, which will reflect, at night, the facade of the house. We designed the house with the understanding that the best views are achieved at the Living-room level and not at the floor below.

The design intent was also to create a flawless interaction between the outdoor and the indoor areas of the house. This is achieved by an expansive use of glass towards the view along with two major penetrations in the architectural mass of the building: the internal garden and 3-story staircase light well.

The internal garden has been imagined as a green filter between three areas: the entrance foyer to the north, the 28 foot high living-room to the east, and the outdoor covered terrace to the west. 


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