160 Varick Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10013
160 Varick Street, 11th Floor New York, NY 10013
The Billboard House
Marfa, Texas

The prefabricated house designed by AA STUDIO in collaboration with David Salle is imagined as modernists dream home broken down to a modular scale that is adaptable throughout the world. 

The concept began by looking at a modular scale that works both for international production sizes and shipping via containers, but also creates pleasant living spaces and proportions. This scale was working within modules of 4ft x 8ft. The 4ft module can be expanded into 12ft wide x 24ft long modules, with 8ft tall panels and columns, creating a structural framework. This framework ultimately creates a livable space, whether it is a bedroom, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, study, bathroom, kitchen, or a mixture of all programs. 

Further progressing the design we created two basic “modules” that would house the basic elements of a house’s program: the “wet” areas and the “dry” areas. The basic wet module contains a kitchen and is backed by the bathroom and laundry/closet area. These wet modules have a spine of the plumbing and electrical services that will support all dry modules that flank it. 

The basic modular house is comprised of three modules; two dry and one wet, making a total of 36’ x 24’ wide, or 864sf. The two dry modules consist of the living/dining, and the bedroom/study area.

The roofline to the prefab house is equally as important as the modularity. Tilting the roof to project upwards to the north allows the roof to receive a series of solar panels, which will generate the energy required to power the house. In addition to the solar panels, a rainwater collection system will be available to receive any rainfall, and bring it to cisterns that store water for usage within the house. The angled roofline further enhances the modernity of the house and it’s intersecting planes.

In collaboration with Revolutionprecrafted

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